Climate Change Rescue Education Modules

Together, the  Climate Change Rescue Education Modules comprise a practical, hands-on set of bite-sized climate science for all ages, to bridge the gaps from Citizen Scientist to Climate Scientist.

Summary of the Climate Change Rescue Education Modules

Module 1: What is a Chaos Theory and what are Stability Attractor points in the Tipping Point Concept?

Module 2: How does the Earth’s albedo change when different surfaces: vegetation, ice,  are illuminated and clouds cover the Earth? And when the full wavelengths in EarthShine are included?

Module 3: How do you determine the wavelengths of a Gravity wave? Of a Planetary Wave?

Module 4: How are satellite, remote, Earth-observing spectra analyzed to determine colours of our planet’s landscape?

Module 5: How do greenhouse gas clouds form?

Module 6: How do you find the solar influences, and lunar and solar tides in a data time series?

Module 7: How do you make noctilucent clouds? What is the physical ‘recipe’ and the ‘ingredients’ ?

Module 8: How do you determine EarthShine? Show the physics and math.

Module 9: What is the troposphere, stratosphere, and mesosphere and the primary physical characteristics of each?

Module 10: What are the vertical mechanical and thermal drivers in the troposphere, stratosphere and the mesosphere?

Module 11: How is our middle atmosphere like a refrigerator?

Module 12: What are the most common misunderstandings of Climate Science? Or how to talk to your neighbor to gain a climate change  ally.

Module 13: A Simple Energy Balance Model of the Earth

Bonus Module: Life Elsewhere in the Universe. How might we use the concept of EarthShine to understand the atmospheres of planets outside of our Solar System?